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in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Green Valley, Rhodes Ranch, Paradise, Centennial, Spring Valley, Desert Hills, Desert Shores, Canyon Gate, and out lying areas Boulder City, Laughlin, Searchlight, Blue Diamond, Primm, and many areas in between. Pest control services for houses, condos, vacation property, apartments, duplexes, and just about any other residential structure. Don’t take a chance and suffer with a pest that could have been controlled right the first time, get TheLens to see what other pest control companies are missing.
TheLens understands one program does not fit all, contact to provide a full quote in person or over the phone for your pest control needs.
TheLens starts with targeting the pest activity entering your home through unsealed cracks and crevices and continues with exterior barrier treatments that send pest activity away from the structure. When an interior treatment is required we will be there for you. Pest control does not always start on the interior of the structure; however when an interior treatment is required, a proper diagnosis and solution is available from our arsenal of treatment methods and IPM Integrated Pest Management techniques. Pest Control is our career, we take pride in the services we offer. Try us one time, and you will see the difference. If for any reason, you have a pest control provider treating your structure and the treatments are not working, contact us and TheLens will go over your providers service and show you the flaws in the methods that are being rendered. Preventative services start with a thorough inspection of the structure inside and outside to determine and identify possible insect rodent entry points, sanitation issues, structural issues, and current pest activity. A treatment will be applied to the interior of a structure if there is a current need (pest activity). Interior treatments applied with no current pest activity, may result in excessive or incorrect products being used which will not take care of certain pest occurrences. Exterior treatments are applied as a barrier treatment to prevent insects found on the exterior of a structure from entering or coming in contact with the structure. Preventative Services are typically applied on a routine basis: Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly, Triannual, or Annual to protect against several or one single type of pest activity. Special or One Time Services start with insect or rodent identification, and a structural inspection. One single treatment may solve your problems and there may be no additional services required, or your Special Service may need up to 3 additional routine treatments to resolve the pest situation depending on the pest activity and (or) the size of the pest activity. As with all our service agreements, if you are not satisfied with your results, you have the option to discontinue your services at any time with no penalty.
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