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Natural/Organic Pest Control

Las Vegas **Natural or Green pest control services for your home and business.

Looking for an organic or natural solution to pest control services without the use of harsh pesticides in Southern Nevada. Why? Minimizing the risk exposure of synthetically made pesticides and allowing products to do the work that nature intended.
TheLens is looking ahead to the future and we are becoming enthusiastic environmentalists, guardians of our home here in Clark County. We offer green pest control solutions in-line with sustainable eco-friendly philosophy to reduce harm to you, your family, your home, our neighborhoods, or Nevada. At TheLens, we provide Eco-friendly pest solutions, saving you time and money throughout the year.

Las Vegas Natural Pest Control

Utilize our low impact treatments from intrusive insects, bugs, and pests of all type. Preventative Cockroach, Spider, Ant, Scorpion, Wasp, Bee, and other many other pests…

**Natural insecticides utilize essential oils derived from natural plant materials, such insecticides may have a heavy smell that lingers for an extended time and may not be suitable for humans or pets that have established respiratory conditions such as asthma, cough, or other conditions like pneumonia.

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