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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Controlthroughout the Southern Nevada region for offices, warehouses, casinos, schools, and more. Your business reputation is everything, so don’t ruin it over a pest that could have been controlled right the first time, get TheLens and see what other pest control companies are missing. TheLens has pest control treatments for retail stores, warehouses, doctor offices, hospitals, casinos, hotels, motels, property management, apartments, duplexes, rental properties, and just about any other commercial facility.
TheLens provides professional commercial pest control services at reasonable prices for whatever structural pest that may be bothering you and your customers. TheLens understands one program does not fit all, contact TheLens to provide a full quote in person or over the phone for your pest control needs. Overall, pest control is not as easy as a 5 minute application around the exterior of the structure, so make sure you ask… What are you treating? Where did the pest come from? What are your options?
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