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Clark County Pest Control

Clark County, Nevada pest control services in all of southern Nevada for Cockroaches, Scorpions, Ants, Spiders, Bees, Wasps, Beetles, Mice, Rats, Pigeons, and more by TheLens.

Professional, quality, thorough pest control services with results. Many new customers are blown away with how much time TheLens devotes to our pest control services, with the average time to service a residential house by TheLens is approximately 65 minutes, the average pest control treatment rendered by other Las Vegas pest control companies is 20 minutes.

What this means for you as a customer is:

  1. TheLens will Inspect your structure thoroughly looking for pest entry points, sanitation issues that draw pest activity into your structure.
  2. TheLens will Treat your structure with a preventative barrier stopping pest activity dead in their tracks.
  3. TheLens will check out with you the customer, providing a detailed service invoice of inspection results, and structural/sanitation deficiencies that need to be corrected to assist in your structural pest control plan.

TheLens preventative pest control services begin with the inspection of the structure and property to determine the correct and most effective way to resolve your pest activity.

Preventarive pest control services (The General, The Grande, The Supreme) offered through TheLens provide time to move items away from the structure and provide an in depth look at hiding places pest activity may utilize. While other pest control companies may miss thse pests that are avoiding detection and treatment services because of a lack of thorough inspection and treatment options.

TheLens does offer a cost effective preventative service (The Basic) that allows the customer to reduce the price of their service by completing the prep work involved in moving items away from the structure prior to exterior pest control treatments being rendered.

The difference in our services doesn’t just come down to the products used in or around your structure but how and when the service is preformed. While pest control isn’t rocket science, it may take more than just a pesticide to remove your pest activity.

Learning about pest habits, product effectiveness, and the proper use of pesticides is all part of the treatment process. TheLens doesn’t just pick one product to apply to all the homes and businesses in the Clark County area. Every structure is different and may have it’s own unique ecosystem of pest activity in or around the structure so TheLens mixes pesticides onsite to give the biggest impact to prevent pest activity from making a home within your structure.

Contact TheLens for your next Clark County pest control treatment in: Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City,  Seachlight, Mr. Charleston, Primm, Jean, Cal-Nev-Ari, Laughlin, and all the areas in between. (702) 582-5367.