• Centennial Hillsin zip code 89130, 89131, 89149 for: Scorpion, Ant, Cockroach, Cricket, Spider, Rat, Pigeon, and more. Pest activity trying to find relief from hot and cold temperatures in your home or business throughout year. TheLens understands owning a new home or business in Centennial Hills is a large investment so why would you trust anybody to service your investment. TheLens treats every home or business like it was their own, plus we live and work in your area-so you should expect your services and questions to be answered “yesterday.”

TheLens goes above and beyond the typical pest control service to make sure you have piece of mind that there will be no worries. TheLens explains all the details of your next pest control treatment, documents all needed corrections to make sure your last pest will be the only one you remember. Utilize a pest control professional to solve all your pest control problems from Cricket Control, Black Widow Spider Control to American Cockroach Control or Roof Rat Control. We even take care of the the flying rats too otherwise known as Pigeons.

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