Your Southern Nevada Desert Recluse Pest Control Resource

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Desert RecluseHave you seen a Desert Recluse in Las Vegas, Henderson, or Boulder City? Southern Nevada Desert Recluse pest control services throughout Clark County. TheLens provides Spider control for Desert Recluse, Black Widows, and many other Spiders found throughout Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and North Las Vegas. Give us a call for your next pest control spider service.

Pest Control for Bee Nest/Swarm Treatments

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Bee SwarmCustomers are always concerned about the population of Bees throughout the United States. Let’s face it nobody likes to be stung by a Bee/Wasp/Hornet but are we doing our part to prevent destroying a nest or swarm that has made it to your property? TheLens uses an Organic approach to preventing Bee/Wasp/Hornet infestations by recommending sealing cracks, crevices, and holes that pest activity may enter through. Our preventative organic pest control treatments also prevent bees/wasps/Hornets from nesting or swarming to your property to make a new home on your existing home.

While Bees are part of our ecology and we need Honey Bees to pollinate our crops to continue on living, our laws prohibit Africanized Bees from being saved per Clark County “all Africanized Bee Nests must be destroyed.”

Our pest control services for Bees includes an organic treatment which helps keep synthetic pesticides from accumulating in our envoronment.

Give us a call for your next pest control service for stinging insects like Bees, Wasps, and Hornets.


Professional Pest Control Services in Las Vegas

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At TheLens, we try to set the bar high for every customer that we service. Just recently we received a phone call from a customer who moved out of state and was wondering what they could do to take care of their new home as every pest control company they contacted did not provide the level of service that TheLens provides and they could not justify paying for pest control that did not measure up to the level of service we provide. What other pest control companies do at their customers house is up to that company but at TheLens we make sure we have the tools(flashlight, ladders, pesticides, uniform, and magnifying glass) to do the job right the moment we arrive at your home or business. Alot of pest control companies require their technicians to complete the service within 15 to 20 minutes and drive off to their next customer to complete 10 to 15 services a day. With the limited amount of time available to complete a service, generally what happens is the technician will need to schedule an additional stop to provide the service that could have been completed on the initial stop. At TheLens we allow up to an hour for smaller houses and more time on larger houses so the service is done with one stop.


The sad part of this story is that the customer that moved away was unable to find a pest control company that would provide the same level of service, so the customer wanted to start doing their pest control service on their own and wanted more insight into what products work.

It really does feel good knowing that customer really do enjoy our treatments and find comfort in knowing that their homes and businesses are being taken care of on a regular basis from Scorpions, Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants, Rats, Pigeons, and many more Nevada pests.

Our Green Insecticides Work

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Green or Natural Insecticides are changing and TheLens is changing with the times. While many insecticides work for preventative pest control services in Las Vegas, TheLens has been utilizing Green Insecticides to deal with common pest activity found in Las Vegas and surrounding areas like American Cockroaches, Bark Scorpions, Spiders, Crickets, and more. While many pest control companies are reluctant to provide any Green or Natural services, TheLens has incorporated Green solutions since we first started offering our services back in 2006. While Green or Natural pest control wasn’t a common thought in 2006, the need or request for these treatments has grown tremendously, that’s why at TheLens we have incorporated Green/Natural treatments into all our preventative pest control services for our customers throughout the Las Vegas area.

Asparagus Amino Acid Linked to Breast Cancer

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You see the news gets all the information wrong when they present it to us about Asparagus giving us cancer. As I eat Asparagus one thing I can agree on is that I know my urine(pee) will smell funny the next time I use the bathroom. Usually my urine has a strong melting plastic smell because of the sulfur compounds present in Asparagus.

A recent diet change has prompted me to investigate almost every food I come in contact with. Approximately 6 months ago I started to evaluate my family history, and a life time of living overweight left me wondering why, when I consume foods, I gain weight and others don’t. Is it overeating, is it too many carbs, is it too much fat?? I would have to say “no” to all the above. What I’ve found is that by eliminating certain foods from my diet and adding certain foods I’ve been able to lose weight, feel better mentally, and look better by having healthier skin.

Last night as I ate dinner I looked up what vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are in Asparagus. While doing my research I read many impressive results on what Asparagus has and what Asparagus does for your body. Asparagus is loaded with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and of course antioxidants when cooked properly (not under cooked and not over cooked-as when the minerals leave the Asparagus through the cooking process in water).

While I am reading about this absolutely wonderful vegetable I run across a few blurbs on the internet indicating that Asparagine an amino acid found in Aspargus(amino acid was named after this plant) that is created by human bodies is at fault for spreading breast cancer. Is this true, our bodies create an amino acid that is responsible for spreading breast cancer. After a little investigation I found the reporting to be alittle wrong as it did not report the facts. What the articles should be talking about is that when they suppress the amino acid Asparagine, breast cancer results are not spreading to other body parts. You see cancer spreads because it is fed. There was a study done in Europe that also shows when you suppress food (better known as fasting) cancer cells consume themselves or die, especially when coupled with chemotherapy because your body’s immune system becomes super charged and fights off cancer cells better (your body turns to cannibalism on unhealthy cells first).

So, the story should read… When Asperagine is suppressed cancer cells are less like to spread. Please look into this information more in depth before making your choices for foods or publication because I dont think anyone can prevent their body from making Asperagine because it is also found in other foods like meat, potatoes, and many seafoods.

Again Asparagus does not cause breast cancer, just an amino acid found in Asparagus and many other foods helps promote the spread of breast cancer and other lymphoma cancers.

Lassa Disease Spread by Rodents

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Fact is, several diseases are spread by human contact but a majority of diseases are initially spread by pest activity. Pest Control is not just used to keep pest activity out of homes and businesses, it is also used to prevent or stop the spread of diseases throughout the world.

The most recent article to hit the media is Lassa Disease a deadly viral hemorrhagic fever that has a 22% mortality rate and documented since 1969. With no cure(vaccine), standardized test to identify, and an outbreak occurring currently in Nigeria pest control experts should be looking to the future for disease prevention and not just protecting structures from pest activity. Read More

Pest Prevention without Insecticides

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Bed BugBed Bug NymphWhile applying a synthetic chemicals to resolve pest issues has been an ongoing strategy for most pest control companies throughout the United States, TheLens takes an ethical approach to pest control by utilizing Green alternatives coupled with pesticide treatments to resolve ongoing pest activity in and around homes and business for over a decade. TheLens will document structural and sanitation issues found on site that contribute or allow insects and rodents to flourish throughout Southern Nevada.

Take a look at some of the obvious ways to solve pest issues without the use of pesticides.

Integrated Pest Management

American Cockroaches -they’re back….

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American Cockroach American Cockroaches are back in the Las Vegas area in April 2017. These images are the first pictures taken on a preventatively serviced customers fenceline in Las Vegas, Nevada. American Cockroach eggs only hatch out when the conditions are right: humidity, temperature, and other variables. Seeing these guys means that our phones should start ringing again from people wanting pest control service. Satisfy your desire to maintain your structures with TheLens -The Basic Pest Control Plan. Save more money on your next professional pest control service. The Basic pest control plans starting at $25 a month per service. This prepaid plan is an exterior only service with no interior services. Great plan for customers with no ongoing issues but still looking for the piece of mind that their home is being maintained. Give us a call (702)582-5367


Psss… By the way… I wouldnt go in there!

Best way to find a Bark Scorpion… Dead

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Dead Bark ScorpionCustomers always ask what is the best way to find Bark Scorpions. The answer that TheLens provides, “Dead”. On the more serious side, Bark Scorpions are easiest to notice at night with the help of a blacklight, however the best way to find ANY Scorpion activity is to have a trained eye to find hiding places, and structural issues that allow entry into the structure. While many pest control companies focus on the application of the treatment on the structure-15 minutes, TheLens trains their technicians to hunt whether it is day or night for your scorpion activity. The best way to find Scorpion activity is dead, dried up, brittle, and falling apart when you pick them up. If you pick up a Scorpion that is limp, dangles by stinger, or moves alittle when you attempt to grab it-make sure you take a hard sole shoe and stomp on it first. The venom from a sting will leave you with a less than enjoyable outcome or contact TheLens for you Bark Scorpion pest control service (702)582-5367.

While an occasional Scorpion may enter a structure through an unsealed crack or crevices, TheLens warranties all The Grande Pest Control Plans for interior Scorpion activity so we will address the interior issues with the exterior issues at no additional cost to you at the time of your service or in between services within 48 business hours.

Scorpion Prevention

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Scorpion activity is most active throughout the warmer months but Scorpions tend to move more as they begin to mate throughout the Spring season. Female and Male Scorpions will travel long distances to locate another Scorpion to mate on occasion. Scorpions also move more often when searching for a hiding spot to get away from the inclement weather, as the days getter hotter Scorpions will look for a cooler place to hide, and vice versa with colder weather. Removing clutter (leaves, roof tiles, bricks, lumber, chopped wood, storage totes, rugs, and many other items) eliminates locations for Scorpions hide under along the perimeter of a structure. Sealing cracks, crevices, holes, gaps, and any other openings around wires, pipes, expansion joints, contractor repairs, and contractor additions will prevent Scorpions from entering a structure. Glueboards are an excellent monitoring option when small children or pets are not in the immediate area of the glueboard placement.

Preventative pest control treatments can deter or even eliminate Scorpion activity if applied correctly. Scorpion treatments should be applied according to the label and may include perimeter applications up to 10 ft away from the foundation, 3 ft up the foundation wall, around doors/windows/overhead garage doors, and along fencelines. Bark Scorpions are vertical climbers and may find themselves on interior/exterior walls-treatments along the soffit will help with Scorpions that may find themselves bridging from a tree/bush to a structure if branches aren’t trimmed away from exterior rooflines, and walls. Palm Trees should be shaved to a minimum of 8 ft high to eliminate Bark Scorpions located underneath the trimmed Palm fronds.