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Pest Control for Bee Nest/Swarm Treatments

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Bee SwarmCustomers are always concerned about the population of Bees throughout the United States. Let’s face it nobody likes to be stung by a Bee/Wasp/Hornet but are we doing our part to prevent destroying a nest or swarm that has made it to your property? TheLens uses an Organic approach to preventing Bee/Wasp/Hornet infestations by recommending sealing cracks, crevices, and holes that pest activity may enter through. Our preventative organic pest control treatments also prevent bees/wasps/Hornets from nesting or swarming to your property to make a new home on your existing home.

While Bees are part of our ecology and we need Honey Bees to pollinate our crops to continue on living, our laws prohibit Africanized Bees from being saved per Clark County “all Africanized Bee Nests must be destroyed.”

Our pest control services for Bees includes an organic treatment which helps keep synthetic pesticides from accumulating in our envoronment.

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