Bed Bug Nymph2016 Nevada Pest Management Association lecture provided by Gail Getty recommends inspections to be done twice every 2 weeks after the initial inspection. Based on a variable air conditions present in homes Bed Bugs can take up to 20 days to hatch from egg form. When an inspection is provided only once after the initial service, the structure may have unhatched Bed Bugs that may hatch out after the 2 week inspection. Complaint based inspections may not address an entire structure because in a multi unit structure uninspected primary units may have activity that may move or spread to additional units.
Mattress encasements should only be used on a mattress with any openings leading to the interior filling, and boxsprings because there are far more hiding spots within a  than a boxspring. Boxsprings that rub on metal frames, wood, or other sharp objects should avoid mattress encasements because the friction may tear into a mattress encasement.
Clutter should be rated and documented to assist with removal. Self treatments should also be documented to inform customer that treatments done by a customer may make the activity spread to neighboring locations or units.
Educating the customer to notify a primary contact to inform the pest control technician about where, when, and how activity was found is key to a Bed Bug treatment program.
Source: Gail Getty -2016 Nevada Pest Control Association Annual Meeting