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Asparagus Amino Acid Linked to Breast Cancer

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You see the news gets all the information wrong when they present it to us about Asparagus giving us cancer. As I eat Asparagus one thing I can agree on is that I know my urine(pee) will smell funny the next time I use the bathroom. Usually my urine has a strong melting plastic smell because of the sulfur compounds present in Asparagus.

A recent diet change has prompted me to investigate almost every food I come in contact with. Approximately 6 months ago I started to evaluate my family history, and a life time of living overweight left me wondering why, when I consume foods, I gain weight and others don’t. Is it overeating, is it too many carbs, is it too much fat?? I would have to say “no” to all the above. What I’ve found is that by eliminating certain foods from my diet and adding certain foods I’ve been able to lose weight, feel better mentally, and look better by having healthier skin.

Last night as I ate dinner I looked up what vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are in Asparagus. While doing my research I read many impressive results on what Asparagus has and what Asparagus does for your body. Asparagus is loaded with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and of course antioxidants when cooked properly (not under cooked and not over cooked-as when the minerals leave the Asparagus through the cooking process in water).

While I am reading about this absolutely wonderful vegetable I run across a few blurbs on the internet indicating that Asparagine an amino acid found in Aspargus(amino acid was named after this plant) that is created by human bodies is at fault for spreading breast cancer. Is this true, our bodies create an amino acid that is responsible for spreading breast cancer. After a little investigation I found the reporting to be alittle wrong as it did not report the facts. What the articles should be talking about is that when they suppress the amino acid Asparagine, breast cancer results are not spreading to other body parts. You see cancer spreads because it is fed. There was a study done in Europe that also shows when you suppress food (better known as fasting) cancer cells consume themselves or die, especially when coupled with chemotherapy because your body’s immune system becomes super charged and fights off cancer cells better (your body turns to cannibalism on unhealthy cells first).

So, the story should read… When Asperagine is suppressed cancer cells are less like to spread. Please look into this information more in depth before making your choices for foods or publication because I dont think anyone can prevent their body from making Asperagine because it is also found in other foods like meat, potatoes, and many seafoods.

Again Asparagus does not cause breast cancer, just an amino acid found in Asparagus and many other foods helps promote the spread of breast cancer and other lymphoma cancers.