American Cockroaches -they’re back….

American Cockroach American Cockroaches are back in the Las Vegas area in April 2017. These images are the first pictures taken on a preventatively serviced customers fenceline in Las Vegas, Nevada. American Cockroach eggs only hatch out when the conditions are right: humidity, temperature, and other variables. Seeing these guys means that our phones should start ringing again from people wanting pest control service. Satisfy your desire to maintain your structures with TheLens -The Basic Pest Control Plan. Save more money on your next professional pest control service. The Basic pest control plans starting at $25 a month per service. This prepaid plan is an exterior only service with no interior services. Great plan for customers with no ongoing issues but still looking for the piece of mind that their home is being maintained. Give us a call (702)582-5367


Psss… By the way… I wouldnt go in there!

Best way to find a Bark Scorpion… Dead

Dead Bark ScorpionCustomers always ask what is the best way to find Bark Scorpions. The answer that TheLens provides, “Dead”. On the more serious side, Bark Scorpions are easiest to notice at night with the help of a blacklight, however the best way to find ANY Scorpion activity is to have a trained eye to find hiding places, and structural issues that allow entry into the structure. While many pest control companies focus on the application of the treatment on the structure-15 minutes, TheLens trains their technicians to hunt whether it is day or night for your scorpion activity. The best way to find Scorpion activity is dead, dried up, brittle, and falling apart when you pick them up. If you pick up a Scorpion that is limp, dangles by stinger, or moves alittle when you attempt to grab it-make sure you take a hard sole shoe and stomp on it first. The venom from a sting will leave you with a less than enjoyable outcome or contact TheLens for you Bark Scorpion pest control service (702)582-5367.

While an occasional Scorpion may enter a structure through an unsealed crack or crevices, TheLens warranties all The Grande Pest Control Plans for interior Scorpion activity so we will address the interior issues with the exterior issues at no additional cost to you at the time of your service or in between services within 48 business hours.