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QA -Pest Control Questions and Answers

for all your Southern Nevada Pest Control needs. TheLens provides pest control services in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and more. Preventative pest control for: Scorpions, Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants, Beetles, Rats, Mice, Pigeons, and more.

How much do you charge for monthly pest control service?

TheLens provides several options for pest control services throughout Southern Nevada-Henderson, Las Vegas, Boulder City, Searchlight, Laughlin, and Pahrump. Monthly pest control treatments vary in cost depending on the size of the structure and what pest activity you are looking to warranty. TheLens also provides every other month services, and quarterly preventative services. TheLens prices out services based on your needs- our easiest service and most  reasonable priced option is the monthly service. Service price includes: Spiders, Ants, Centipedes, Beetles, Earwigs, Millipedes, Crickets, Cockroaches, & Silverfish- over 25 different species of pests.
Monthly Residential Price
Under 1200 sq ft $40.00
1201-1800 sq ft $45.00
1801-2400 sq ft $50.00
2401-2800 sq ft $55.00
2801-3000 sq ft $60.00
*Houses larger than 3000 sq ft will be quoted in person.
TheLens service(s)  begin on the outside of the structure where we inspect and treat. Exterior treatment includes dusting cracks and crevices with an insecticide dust, sweeping windows, doors, and corners for spider webs, and liquid insecticide treatment that covers the exterior walls from the foundation to the roofline and away from the foundation up to 10ft or as described by the label. Interior treatments are only rendered when pest activity is found. Digital pictures will be added to the service invoice describing sanitation, structural, and pest activity found at the time of service. For pricing on weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or single one time services- contact TheLens at (702) 582-5367

What do I need to do prior to your service?

TheLens expects full cooperation from their customers in order to maintain the best possible outcome of your treatment. Typically, no prior arrangements need to take place prior to a treatment. Pest activity is consistent when left undisturbed which allows our technicians to discover and treat the activity at the source. Minor cleanup may be necessary prior to your technician arriving include-picking up children/dog toys inside and outside. Removing laundry, shoes, and other personal items from the floor.  Removing clutter along the exterior perimeter of the structure-wood piles, storage, rugs, barrels, aquariums, trash cans, and many other unfixed items around the exterior perimeter of the structure. Bushes and trees touching the siding or roofline of the structure should always be trimmed 1 ft to 5 ft away from the outside of structure to allow for future growth and to prevent the branches from causes damage from high winds to the structure, which will allow pest activity.

How soon will I see results?

TheLens provides treatments based on the most appropriate way to treat pest situations within the least amount of time. Typically most treatments rendered result in immediate results however there are several situations which additional treatments are required to resolve ongoing pest activity that may not be a normal situation. In all cases your technician will inform you of the time required to resolve your pest situation.

Why does my service cost more than my neighbor/relative?

TheLens provides different services for every single home, business, or location. Price varies according to warranty pest(s), size or structure, and frequency of services. Consult your technician to determine which pest program will work best for you.

Are you licensed and certified?

TheLens carries a license for the State of Nevada, Nevada Department of Agriculture, City of Las Vegas, Boulder City, and individual applicator.
Are you insured?
TheLens carries a certificate of insurance as required by the State of Nevada Department of Agriculture. All pest control businesses in the State of Nevada are required to carry a line of insurance prior to that license being issued. More information can be found on this subject by consulting with the Nevada Department of Agriculture.
What makes TheLens better than the other pest control companies?
TheLens doesn’t claim to be better than other pest control companies, however customers have indicated that TheLens cares more about the quality of the service, and the willingness to work with customers. TheLens will show you the difference between your current pest control provider, just give us a chance to see what your missing.
Thank you again for your questions and please feel free to share our information with others or submit additional questions.
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