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every pest control company has a beginning, TheLens started in Green Bay, Wisconsin by Clay Thelen. Mr. Thelen worked for one of the largest individually owned pest control companies in Wisconsin, learned all the tricks of the trade from books, magazines, and pest control technicians with over 50 years experience in the trade. After several years of working long days and earning an excellent reputation, Mr. Thelen ventured out and started NEW Pest Solutions in 2006 with the idea of providing quality pest solutions over quantity (see our testimonials). After building a successful business over several years, Mr. Thelen relocated to the Las Vegas area with his family.

Learn more about us and our values, and focus when taking care of your home and business. Before selecting your next Las Vegas Pest Control Company or Exterminator do your research to understand what value you are getting from your services. Address your questions and answers or contact us to solve your pest issues. Let a pest control company who cares take your next pest problem on.

What pest control services we offer

TheLens takes pride in the pest control work we complete for you, we understand when you call, you need your service right away, not 2 weeks from now. That is why we try to schedule our appointments when you are available not at our convenience. Informed decisions lead to quality service(s) what will you say about your next pest control treatment-Testimonials.

If you are searching for a pest control company that completes a treatment within 15 minutes of arrival – we could do that, but we won’t. Typically, TheLens spends a majority of the pest control service inspecting for present and past pest activity.

If you are searching for a pest control company that chooses to mix a pesticide at an unlabeled rate to bring your service cost down – we could do that, but we won’t. While there are no laws against mixing a product at a lower concentration, TheLens focuses on the fact that pesticide manufacturers provide a label for every product so that applicators have the ability to make a proper treatment every time. When a treatment is made at a lower concentration insects or arachnids may become immune or unaffected by the treatment and may make entry into your home or business.

If you are looking for a company that will NOT schedule a treatment within 24 business hours of your call, text, or email – we could do that, but we won’t. TheLens understands that whether you are calling for the first time or a free callback- your pest activity is important to you now, and we will do our best to accommodate a treatment within 24 hours of your call, text, or email.

If you are looking for a company that will complete a service without notifying you when we are going to your home or business-we could do that, but we won’t. TheLens wants to make sure our customers know why there is pest activity in or around their home or business. Making appointments while the customer is available is one way we keep you in the loop of knowing. While we do arrange appointments when no one is available at the time of service, we do our best to provide our services when someone is around to make sure you know that every treatment is made right the first time.

These differences and testimonials are among the many reasons that make our business the right choice when selecting your next Las Vegas Pest Control service provider. The choice is yours, but what are you actually paying for?

TheLens focuses on preventing pest infestations where they start, remaining sensitive to the environment, and taking care of you, your family, employees, customers, or pets by providingPest ID and using the proper treatment to remove the identified pest(s) on every visit. TheLens tries to schedule your services when you are available, so you know your treatment was rendered right the first time.

You safety is our top priority, select your next Residential/Commercial Pest Control Service, no need to look any further, you found your next family owned local business.

What will you receive from a local small business owner??

1. A smile,

2. A quality pest solution service,

3. Thank you,

4. No more ongoing pest problems.

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Keeping business local -will allow money earned in Southern Nevada, keep money in Southern Nevada. Support your community and keep business local.

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