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– Las Vegas Pest Control and Extermination services, treatments, inspections, and prevention for Spiders, Cockroaches, Ants, Rats, Scorpions, Bees, Bee Swarms, Bed Bugs, and more by TheLens NEW Pest Solutions.

Targeted pest control services and preventative ongoing treatments in Las Vegas, and surrounding areas.

Selecting a Las Vegas pest control company is an important decision. Our focus is taking care of your home and business like it is our own. We take pride in the work we complete for you that is why we try to schedule our appointments when you are available not at our convenience.  Take a look at TheLens NEW Pest Solutions to help you make a decision about your next pest control treatment-Pest Control Testimonials .  Preventative pest control treatments available for Black Widow Spider Control,

Black Widow Spider Control Service
Black Widow Spider Control

Pharaoh Ant Control, American Cockroach Control, German Cockroach Control, Bark Scorpion Control, Roof Rat Control, Bee/Bee Swarm Control, Bed Bug Control,

and other pest activity. A complete pest control treatment shouldn’t take 10-15 minutes, a true treatment should allow for inspection time 15-30 minutes (or longer), treatment 10-15 minutes (or longer), and documentation 3-10 minutes. At a minimum that time comes to 28 to 55 minutes. Service cost varies from one structure to the next, TheLens NEW Pest Solutions provides treatment cost on average time to complete a treatment (based on the square footage of a home or business. Material cost rarely are included into a treatment cost). TheLens NEW Pest Solutions could provide a 10-15 minute treatment at $25 a service but 10-15 minutes will not allow enough time to solve a pest problem let alone identify where it is stemming from. Choose your next pest control company based on your needs.

TheLens NEW Pest Solutions focuses on preventing pest infestations where they start, remaining sensitive to the

Las Vegas Bed Bug Control
Bed Bug Control

environment, and taking care of you, your family, employees, customers, or pets. TheLens NEW Pest Solutions tries to schedule your services when you are available, so you know you treatment was rendered right the first time. Select your next Residential/Commercial Pest Control Service, no need to look any further, you found your next family owned local business.

If you are searching for a pest control company that completes a treatment within 15 minutes of arrival – we could do that, but we won’t. Typically, TheLens NEW Pest Solutions spends a majority of the pest control service inspecting for present and past pest activity.

If you are searching for a pest control company that chooses to mix a pesticide at an unlabeled rate to bring your service cost down – we could do that, but we won’t. While there are no laws against mixing a product at a lower concentration, TheLens NEW Pest Solutions focuses on the fact that pesticide manufacturers provide a label for every product so that applicators have the ability to make a proper treatment every time. When a treatment is made at a lower concentration insects or arachnids may become immune or unaffected by the treatment and make entry into your home or business.

Wasp & Bee Control Services
Wasp & Bee Control

If you are looking for a company that will NOT schedule a treatment within 24 business hours of your call, text, or email – we could do that, but we won’t. TheLens NEW Pest Solutions understands that whether you are calling for the first time or a free callback- your pest activity is important to you now, and we will do our best to accommodate a treatment within 24 hours of your call, text, or email.

If you are looking for a company that will complete a service without notifying you when we are going to your home or business-we could do that, but we won’t. TheLens NEW Pest Solutions wants to make sure our customers know why there is pest activity in or around their home or business. Making appointments while the customer is available is one way we keep you in the loop of knowing. While we do arrange appointments when no one is available at the time of service, we do our best to provide our services when someone is around to make sure you know that every treatment is made right the first time.

These differences are among the many reasons that make our business the right choice when selecting your next Las

Drain Fly Control
Drain Fly

Vegas Pest Control service provider. The choice is yours, but what are you actually paying for?

Southern Nevada Pest Control service area includes:

Service Area
Pest Control Service Area

Sunrise Manor, Summerlin, Spring Valley, Rhodes Ranch, Paradise, Las Vegas, Desert Shores, Desert Hills, Centennials Hills, Boulder City, Blue Diamond.

Find us and many more reputable pest control companies on Nevada Pest Control Associations website.

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