Centennial Hills Pest Control

Pest Control services in Centennial Hills for Spiders, Ants, Wasp, Bee, Centipede, Millipede, Earwig, Silverfish, Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, and more. Call TheLens NEW Pest Solutions for a free quote (702) 582-5367

Summerlin Pest Control

Pest Control services in Summerlin for Spiders, Ants, Wasp, Bee, Centipede, Millipede, Earwig, Silverfish, Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, and more. Call TheLens NEW Pest Solutions for a free quote (702) 582-5367

Spring Valley Pest Control

Pest Control services in Spring Valley for Spiders, Ants, Wasp, Bee, Centipede, Millipede, Earwig, Silverfish, Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, and more. Call TheLens NEW Pest Solutions for a free quote (702) 582-5367

Rhodes Ranch Pest Control

Pest Control services in Rhodes Ranch for Spiders, Ants, Wasp, Bee, Centipede, Millipede, Earwig, Silverfish, Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, and more. Call TheLens NEW Pest Solutions for a free quote (702) 582-5367

Desert Shores Pest Control

Pest Control services in Desert Shores for Spiders, Ants, Wasp, Bee, Centipede, Millipede, Earwig, Silverfish, Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, and more. Call TheLens NEW Pest Solutions for a free quote (702) 582-5367

Boulder City Pest Control

Pest Control services in Boulder City for Spiders, Ants, Wasp, Bee, Centipede, Millipede, Earwig, Silverfish, Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, and more. Call TheLens NEW Pest Solutions for a free quote (702) 582-5367

Pest Control-Exterminator, Treatments, Prevention, IPM

In order to provide the best pest control

Bark Scorpion Control
Scorpion Control

Las Vegas Fire Ant Control
Ant Control

service, treatment, prevention, inspection, IPM-Integrated Pest Management available to Las Vegas businesses and residences, we keep up to date with modern techniques, new developments, and product effectiveness. The result: We know how to effectively solve your pest infestations of more than 25 different kinds of property-invading insects, spiders, scorpions, ants, bees, and more.
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Our Pest and Rodent Control Practices

Wasp Bee Control
Wasp Bee Control

Our family-owned pest control company has operated in Las Vegas for years, and we work under only the most professional standards. On your first appointment, we’ll survey the pest situation on your property

Las Vegas Bed Bug Control
Bed Bug Control

and provide a free consultation about the treatments, safety steps, and expected results. We’ll answer all your questions about the products and alternatives, as well as explaining how our team works to ensure

German Cockroach Control
Cockroach Control

you get what you paid for: speedy control over your pest problem.
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Specialty and General Pest Control

We specialize in more than 25 different kinds of pest, and we’re also qualified to handle a much wider range of pest control needs. If you have a pest problem that’s not covered in our pest library, be sure to contact us for information about what services we offer for your particular needs.
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Services-Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial

Las Vegas Pest Control services include Residential and Commercial structures.

Save money and time by selecting a pest control professional that does the job right the first time-you got what you paid for is our philosophy. Now you can rest assured that your next pest control service will be the best and most affordable one all wrapped up into a single treatment. When you need a local, insured, State of Nevada Licensed & Certified Pest Control Provider to get the job done right, the first time.

Pest control has been around since the beginning of time. As long as humans have been around, we have made several attempts to keep pest activity out of our daily lives. The unfortunate part is that pests were here before us and will continue to be here long after we are gone. TheLens NEW Pest Solutions understands that every living thing on our planet has a purpose, however not every living thing on our planet has a need in our lives. Providing a quality service can only happen when: 1) the technician cares about his role. 2) the technician has the knowledge and comes prepared to do battle. TheLens NEW Pest Solutions has a service that goes beyond the average pest control company.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Commercial/Industrial and Residential pest control services with options:

Single one time pest control services.

Ongoing proactive preventative pest control services.

Available frequencies-Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly, Triannual, One time a year.

What to expect:

1.) On time pest control services.

2.)Detailed service report.

3.) A technician prepared to work.

Las Vegas Ant Control

Las Vegas Ant Control

Pavement Ant

Ant ControlExterior insecticide treatments include ant bait, and insecticides when Pavement Ants have not made their way into your Las Vegas home or business. Preventative treatments are an excellent way to keep Pavement Ants from returning after a colony has been treated. However, insecticides may also split a colony into two and create more Pavement Ant activity in the future. Interior treatments for Pavement Ant activity should be limited to baiting only because once the colony has been introduced into a structure applying insecticides may create several independent colonies.

Fire Ant

Las Vegas Fire Ant ControlBaiting Fire Ants is the best way to remove the entire colony from your property, however when finding a mound or colony that has just started drenching the nest with an insecticide will provide immediate results. Fire Ants do sting, so use caution when treating a Fire Ant colony, never stand on top of the mound or nest when making an application.



Argentine Ant

Argentine AntsTreating Argentine Ants by a home owner is not advised because Argentine Ants have several reproductive females in a colony which can lead to colony splitting if the incorrect insecticide is used. Locating trails, nest, or scout ants can lead to easily treated structures when the proper insecticide is used.


Las Vegas Scorpion Control

Las Vegas Scorpion Control

Bark Scorpion

20141107_104232Exterior treatments are the best way to remedy Bark Scorpion activity. Not all insecticides are equal when making a Scorpion treatment, premixed insecticide are great when attempting to resolve feeding sources of Bark Scorpions, but generally offer no benefits to removing Bark Scorpions from your structure or property surrounding your structure. Concentrated insecticides offer maximum effectiveness because the treatment is mixed and used onsite at the time of the service. When using a professional pest control applicator to take care of the Bark Scorpion activity in or Bark Scorpion Controlaround your home and business make sure that the service is very thorough-moving rugs, lifting planters, treating cracks/crevices where Bark Scorpions hide, and not only treating the foundation but also treating around windows, doors, soffits, cinder block walls, and interior garages is needed Bark Scorpion undersidebecause Bark Scorpions are meticulous climbers.

Las Vegas Crawling Insect Control

Las Vegas Crawling Insect Control


Centipede Control

Exterior treatments greatly reduce Millipede/Centipede activity. Baiting added to an exterior barrier treatment generally takes care of ongoing and future Millipede/Centipede activity. Focus on a broad area perimeter treatment around the entire structure to eliminate Millipede/Centipede activity. Sealing (with caulk) cracks, holes, and crevices that penetrate exterior walls, door, windows, and foundations will significantly increase your chances of preventing entry into any home or business



Baiting is the best way to remove ant activity from your home. Depending on the time of year baiting may require a protein or sugar bait. Insecticides may be used to prevent future ant activity however once an ant trail has been established, using an insecticide may create a larger ant problem depending on the species of ant. Consult with a pest control professional prior to any ant treatments to make sure your ant activity will not split because of the product used in your ant control program.


Earwig Exterior applications may help with Earwig activity but locating the source of activity may lend your treatment a helping hand. Typically we find Earwigs crawling their way up a wall or across a patio, unfortunately Earwigs sometimes have wings and may fly from one point to another. Exterior treatments should also include crack/crevice treatments around door/window areas and foundations. Preventative measures may include sealing entry points with a filling material or exclusion by structure modification.



Exterior applications around the entire perimeter of a structure will greatly reduce Cricket activity, however locating where the Crickets are hiding throughout the daylight hours may be a better approach to eliminating Cricket infestations. Use a insecticide in these hiding areas to devastate the Cricket population. Great locations for Crickets to hide may include clutter stored around the exterior of the structure or the cinder block fence along the outside of your property. Listen at night time for the mating calls and increase your chances of a successful treatment.

Wood Louse (Rollie Pollie, Pillbug)

Rollie Pollie Pillbug

Turning over every hiding spot may be the only way to remove the Wood Louse from your structure. While the Wood Louse can make its way into your home or business they are typically found under rocks and decomposing logs. Thorough treatments along the exterior perimeter of a structure will take care of all Wood Louse activity.

Silverfish, Firebrats, and more…

Las Vegas Cockroach Control

Las Vegas Cockroach Control

American Cockroach

American CockroachExterior treatments work best for American Cockroach infestations. Apply an exterior barrier around the complete perimeter of the structure and pay attention to hiding spots such as holes, cracks, and unsealed openings. Baiting along the exterior perimeter of the property may draw American Cockroaches  away from a structure but will not prevent all activity from trying to escape the elements of the seasons. Clutter stored around the exterior perimeter of a structure may increase American Cockroach activity.

German Cockroach

German Cockroach Control

Interior treatments are the only needed service for German Cockroaches as this cockroach is brought into a structure by an unsuspecting person. German Cockroaches may travel up to 30 feet from their hiding spot but just like humans return back home after searching for food. The best way to treatment German Cockroaches is baiting as this is the only way to move the insecticide back to the hiding spot. Typically a professional trained in German Cockroach treatments will apply a liquid insecticide with baiting to create a quicker knockdown effect.

Las Vegas Wasp/Bee Control

Las Vegas Wasp/Bee Control

Bee Swarm or Bee Nest

Bee Control Services

Treating a Bee Swarm or a Bee Nest in Las Vegas is a serious undertaking. Wearing protective clothing is always a great precaution when dealing with any bee activity. Locating the nest when applying a treatment is the starting point, however sometime a nest may be hiding from plain view inside a wall or roofline. A mix of dish soap and water provides a great knock down without the added expense of insecticide but must be applied directly on top of all the bees to have any effect. Typically once the bee activity is removed the honey must also be removed or another swarm may take over the vacant nest.


cropped-wasp1.jpgRemoving Wasp activity from a property does not end with knocking down the nest while the Wasp are away. Preventative treatments along the exterior perimeter of the structure where Wasp frequently nest(soffits, overhangs, rooflines) provide excellent repellants so Wasp activity does not continue. Take care when removing all Wasp activity from a structure as Wasp’s have the ability to sting multiple times.


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TheLens NEW Pest Solutions takes pride in the work we perform for you, our business depends on it. We enjoy all the comments you provide to us and we would like to share them with everyone!

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When I initially purchased my Vegas property last Fall, we had a slight infestation of roaches, crickets, and spiders. I gave Clay from New Pest Solutions a call to come check out the problem. He arrived on schedule and did a thorough inspection of my home. After his inspection, he provided a detailed analysis of pests at the property and things to look out for. He applied a treatment that killed all pests, which gave my girlfriend piece of mind! Since then, we’ve been pest free! Clay’s prices are extremely fair and I suggest setting up a regularly scheduled treatment of your home. And as the other reviewer stated, Clay is very friendly and punctual.

“Highly recommended”

Manuel-04/05/2013 testimonial

“Emailed TheLens NEW Pest Solutions for a one time service, scheduled easily over email-very quick response time. Set up service for the next business day-TheLens NEW Pest Solutions wanted to do the service the same day(I wasn’t available). Clay came out, very professional-went over service agreement for a spider service. By the time he was checking out with me ,I asked if it was okay to let my dog out- Clay responded “yes” Opened up my patio door and noticed several wasps dead or dying on the cement, I checked with Clay if this was alright. Clay said, “Sorry, yes I should have told you I took care of that for you.” All I have to say is-WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY I SPENT ON THIS SERVICE. I will definitely use them again in the future.”

Jenn-03/07/2013 testimonial

“Clay was the best pest control guy we have ever had, it is sad that we can not take him with us when we move. We plan on making sure that the new owners of our house retain Clay’s services and I would definitely refer anyone to utilize TheLens NEW Pest Solutions in the future.”

Ken-2/8/2013 testimonial

“We had Pest Solutions in michigan. They do a wonder job! Very professional. We were very happy with the results and services.”

Sharon-12/21/2012 testimonial

“While you we not able to assist me because I live in another state, the advice you provided to me over the internet was perfect and solved my problem. You saved me $180 and a waste of time with a pest control company coming to my home and possible telling me the same information you provided me. Thank you again for your assistance!”

Kate-10/29/2012 testimonial

“Clay from Thelens New Pest Solutions is extremely meticulous in his inspection of homes for pests. He also creates a comprehensive report and treatment plan. His prices are very fair and he is on time, friendly, and reliable. I use him for several of my properties.”

Lisa-9/15/2012 testimonial

“Just got back from a one week vacation, pest guy from Bulwark stopped out before we left and completed his spraying. Got back and found cockroaches in our pantry, and scorpions wondering around our kitchen. Called TheLens New Pest Solutions, and they came out right away. Clay found living scorpions on the outside of the house, knocked down all the spider webs Bulwark left, took pictures of problem areas (emailed them to us), and really did a professional job. Really shocked that a company that does such a great job, can come out so quickly at a moments notice. Clay, you found a customer for life!

Alissa-7/25/2012 testimonial

“Had signed a one year contract with another company and was stuck with a technician that didn’t complete his job right every time he came out. We had the other pest control company out at least 3 times within a one month period six times a year. Contract ended and we choose TheLens NEW Pest Solutions because of a family friend used you. I can honestly say, the time Clay spent servicing and inspected our house went far beyond what the last company did for us. What use to take 10 minutes to complete, now takes 45 minutes to one hour-TheLens NEW Pest Solutions is very thorough. Very personal services, and no more little bugs with pinchers on their butt 25 days and counting! Thank you TheLens NEW Pest Solutions and Clay, you really know your stuff..”

Didi-7/19/2012 testimonial

“You came out when I needed you, you did a great job! Very easy to schedule, took my credit card at the time of service. Sent me an email with everything he did and included color pictures. Services with other companies usually take 5 to 10 minutes, not with you -service took 45 minutes. Service personnel went far beyond my expectations and set a new standard for future pest control services.

Carole- 05/16/2012 testimonial

“Clay stopped out to spray our house, great person-very down to Earth. Took his time informing us of all his recommendations (No other pest control company every took the time to do this). He went over all the steps of the service and checked out with us prior to leaving, very professional, and knowledgeable. “

Lisa- 06/30/2011 testimonial

“The guy arrived, looked all over my house, showed me what areas were allowing the mice to come in, and started placing equipment out to catch mice. Before he left, we were already one less mouse, within 2 of hours of him leaving we caught an additional 2 mice. Should be on the right track now.”

Brian- 11/4/2010 testimonial

“Had another company providing services on a regular basis for a mouse problem. I called the other company several times to let them know after several months that they still have not removed the mice from my house. After seeing an article in the Green Bay Press Gazette about NEW Pest Solutions, I thought I would give you a try and fire the other company. Clay, stop out and spent about two hours inspecting my house and found a large area of my foundation that was built incorrectly. He stuffed this area, set out traps, and I have not seen or heard a mouse since.”

Mary- 9/3/2010 testimonial

“I called another pest control company to do a spider spray-they said we were just out there yesterday, we will be out there again in a month we will call you then. NEW Pest Solutions came out the day we called them within an hour of our call. Thank you NEW Pest Solutions!!”

Peter- 7/17/2009 testimonial

“Clay…thanks so much for your help with our ant issue.”

Shawna- 6/5/2009 testimonial

“Very, very pleased with the past job that you did for us. We have had no more trouble with mice as of yet. You did a very fine job for us. Thanks again.”

Bonnie- 3/20/2009 testimonial

“Thank you for all your help and assistance removing the mouse problem I have been facing for the past 3 years of living in my home. The work you do is extremely helpful and I do not know where I would be without you!”

Jennifer- 3/3/2009 testimonial

“Thanks for all your help and the great service that you provide. Take care and have a great day,”

Steve- 07/15/2008 testimonial

“I am still very thankful you came out the evening I called. Stay warm this weekend”

Jeff- 02/10/2008 testimonial

”I contacted NEW Pest Solutions for my mice problem, and they came out to my house that same day! They provided wonderful service and I would recommend them to anyone!”

Mrs. Berg-11/27/2007 testimonial